Children at Maxfacta's Rescue Centre

The need for the rescue centre came about when some youth in Maxfacta who tested HIV positive were stigmatized, discriminated and kicked out of their homes. The rescue centre also takes in:

The people in the rescue centre are given shelter, food and the children get the opportunity to go to school. There are 20 children in the centre, in the age from 9 to 17 years. THe children are trained on live skills, for example beadwork, making detergent and embroidery. We also teach them facts about HIV/AIDS and how to live positively with an infection.

The rescue centre is currently housed in a small tin-shack structure in Soweto slum in KaYole in Nairobi. We are constructing a bigger and permanent place to house the centre. The foundation has been completed, but the construction cannot continue now due to lack of funding.

Children who are supported by MAXFACTA

Peter Paul Mary Lilian Leila

Children who used to live in the rescue centre

Clayton Edward Euggine Grace Stephan
Rebecca Sammy Morris Julius Alex
Titus Elizabeth Elizabeth Neryl Emelda
SheilaPauline Eunice Benard Gloria George
Nancy Miriam      

Medical cases

Sometimes children arrive at the center when they urgently need medical care, because of illnesses or child abuse.

These children had an infection with jiggers. This boy was forced to do child labour. When he was burned badly, he did not get medical care. A boy who was taken to the rescue centre after physical abuse with a machete. The arm of a woman who had been abused physically. She was also taken to the rescue centre afther this.
The family house of some of the children in the rescue centre. After their mother had died,
their father could not take care of them anymore.