Maxfacta Activities

Maxfacta runs a youth center, in which children who are infected by HIV, or who are orphaned and vulnerable, are rescued and given a home. They are given shelter, food and the opportunity to go to school. There are about 20 children in the center, in the age from 9 to 17 years. THe children are trained on life skills, for example beadwork, making detergent and embroidery. We also teach them facts about HIV/AIDS and how to live positively with the infection.

Maxfacta also runs weekly youth group therapy for the community youths living with HIV/AIDS. They are usually held for special needs of all members for their psychosocial care for

  1. Abused women
  2. People living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Drug addicts
  4. Former juvenile delinquents
  5. and the youth in general
The group therapy involves sharing experiences and counselling.

Maxfacta engages in income generating activities, for example making and selling beadwork, embroidery, making detergent and washing cars to raise money to fund our objectives. This is important to us since we do not have fixed donors/sponsors to help us with our activities.

Beadwork and embroidery made by Maxfacta Recent carwash done by Maxfacta at NPC Valley Road Beadwork displayed at carwash at NPC Valley Road

We also engage in out-door activities such as basketball and football tournaments, runs and walks with educational themes that benefit all the youth in general with an aim of promoting behaviour change and HIV/AIDS awareness.