About Maxfacta

HIV/AIDS has continued to be a major pandemic in Kenya. It is responsible for thousands of deaths since the 1980s. Currently it is estimated that 160 Kenyans die daily as a result of HIV/AIDS and related infections.

The youth are especially vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They are also susceptible to drug abuse, not just intravenous drugs/injectable, which increases the risk of HIV infection. More young people are facing the pandemic, a situation that calls for more care, support and information to the youth.

It is against this backdrop that a group of young people living with HIV/AIDS founded Maximizing facts on HIV/AIDS (Maxfacta) Youth Group, a community-based organization, in the year 2002 and registered it in 2003 to provide quality care, prevention and as a forum for mutual empowerment and support to enable them to live positively. With continuing need to support all the affected and infected youth, Maxfacta saw it fit to start a rescue center for the affected youth.

Maxfacta dance group Maxfacta dance group


Over the past years, MAXFACTA has achieved the following:

  1. Successful mobilization and sensitization of the target communities to advocate for access to treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS including youth and children. Specific strategies we use to create awareness on treatment-related issues, are community theatre as an alternative way of communicating to the community, and educationally themed basketball tournaments for the youth.
  2. An increased number of young people who seeking services, including VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing), continuous counseling and home based care.
  3. Running a rescue centre that gives temporary shelter to abused young women and generally to youth who have been kicked out of home after they had disclosed their HIV+ status. This happens largely due to ignorance on matters concerning HIV in the slums, and to the congested living conditions. We house those youth for a few days while seeking reconciliation between them and their families or guardians.
    We also sponsor AIDS orphans by paying for their education and by having them stay at the rescue center during the school year.
  4. An increased number of young people who explore and use their talents to create income for themselves instead of being idle.